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Welcome to the Rune Oracle. Feel free to draw a daily Rune, and gain a sense of peace and wisdom from the Universal council. Many practicing Pagans, Christians, and those who engage in the Spirit Walk often seek Runic wisdom for the day. This simple one Rune cast gives the chance for meditation and reflection on the Spirit's journey, and those life lessons that we all gain so much growth through. Enjoy your chat with the Divine.

Rune Cast

Rune Casts

  • 3 Rune Cast
    This basic cast is a general communications regarding past influences, the current circumstances, and possible outcomes regarding Runic council. Order an online PDF here for only $10.00.

  • 5 Rune Cast
    The 5 Rune cast offers more Runic council regarding past influences, current circumstances, the help you can expect to receive, and the things you cannot change. This in depth Runic offering is the perfect companion for the spiritual journey. Order an online PDF here for only $45.00.

  • 7 Rune Cast
    The Loving Cup Rune cast focuses on matters of the heart. The cast is not for infatuation, but truly deep heart felt love. Order an online PDF here for only $60.00.

'I am the unknown Will,
The Anger that threatens glory and ruin...'

Throughout all of Human history our Universal Teacher has spoken to us, tested us, retested us, and gave us the resources we all need for Spiritual Growth. Creation is not a silent, enigmatic mystery. 'It' is ever present, and ready to communicate with anyone who seeks it's living wisdoms. We just have to have the desire to find ways to listen.

At the beginning of my Runic journey, I'd spent way too much of my life force engaged in a process of stumbling down an unaware worldly path, heading away from a 'destiny' adversely obstructed by the fate I'd fashioned for this life. It's a common struggle. We all dance and play in this life construct. For me the result was a clarification and understanding for the Lower Self to relent drastically, and allow the Higher Self to get to work with my newfound spiritual and life awareness. I've always been a Spirit Walker in belief and practice, but we all know how life distractions and ego/ID battles can keep us interacting with those distractions. So, this is how it goes then. At those moments we imagine are the lowest in our lives, comes the gifts of clarity, and the ability to take on a wisdom we hadn't had before. Whether self inflicted, or the random happenings of our physical plane - Imagined tragedy always opens doorways to profound Spiritual growth opportunities. It was in those moments the Runes found me, and the Universe whispered gently to my heart and Spirit. And as I picked them up and started listening, They picked me up and began communicating the reality of our Multiverse and their living council.

So, who or what is an Oracle? Though this question has caused debate across human history, I wanted to take a moment here and offer my perspective. I offer this perspective as a practicing energy Shaman devoted to 'pagan' practices. But I'm also a practicing Christian Minister devoted to serving God, and who embraces the loving grace of Jesus the Christ. Many people struggle with this perspective, and imagine its impossible for someone to be both. While they try to wrap their heads around the possibility, I happily go about serving Creation, while living as fully in a Spiritual walk as I can. From here I've come to understand the true definition of Oracle.

An Oracle is never a human being. Humans can never be 'Oracles' while embedded here in the physical plane. How could they be? Though I'm not sure about communication restrictions from Creation to humans, I have found, experienced, and express there is most certainly a barrier of communication from man to Creation. Whether 'prophets', 'Oracles', or otherwise - its an absolute falsehood that humans can place themselves, or be installed by some man made scheme, as a mouthpiece for Creation. Though we all equally have the opportunities to reach for and obtain a deep understanding and close spiritual relationship with Creation, we can't possible reproduce messaging from Creation in any accurate scale. Even now, as we imagine how far we've come as an advanced species, we all still struggle with communicating our own feelings thoughts and beliefs with each other. Even when using all the communication symbols we've collectively created. With all our communications difficulty, we couldn't possibly ever imagine we can speak for Creation or understand Creation's language in any deep and meaningful way.

It must be then, Oracles are a communications system given to the physical plane of the Universe as an opportunity to obtain Creation's messaging while we're reaching for understanding. It is my experience that the Oracle of the Runes is an ancient communication line between humanity and the Divine. Runes are not

Runes are not the only Oracle, and we are all Prophets if we choose to be. Lets talk, share, and grow in the wise light of 'Spirituality' Creation prefers.

This site is dedicated to a couple of simple ideas. First, with the authority as Christian Minister, I offer a fresh perspective on the true nature and condition of the Abrahamic Faiths - and their collective choice to be disconnected from Spiritual living.

This perspective is certainly controversial - Every modern day cultural expression of Abraham's legacy is intentionally and eternally flawed - and the modern product of 'religion' would have never been the intent of the most important players in all the ancient texts at the heart of this human mess.

Every man or woman standing as religious authority, holding the attention of those who follow and who will do their bidding, are parasitic and predatory in their efforts to prescribe control as a mirage against 'spirituality'. Prophets, Popes, Ayatollah - any human in the physical plane who would intentionally author these prescriptions of cultural slavery are as false and flawed as the 'God' concepts they force on themselves and others.

I'm not judging or blaming here - These leaders of 'religion' are equally victimized by their cultural lineages which propagate the illusions of 'spiritual supremacy'. A Prophet confirmed in the 'Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints' has spent his entire life believing in arrogant philosophies leading him to believe he is a chosen spokesman and judge for his God. An Ayatollah or Pope fall to the same illusions, and spend their life's energy causing harm and sickness to their cultures unintentionally.

I hope this perspective enrages the 'leader' and 'follower' of religions equally. I only speak here as 'Christian' authority, but spend many hours of my weeks equally enraged at the bloated hypocrisy of modern 'Christianity'. They all preach of 'Atonement' - Jesus the Christ's self sacrifice to free all humanity from its 'sin'. At the same time they point guilty exploitations at other cultures and groups of people choosing to live differently. How empty, their calls of love and obedience to their 'Messiah', and unwise their understanding of Christ's living lessons for us all.

There can be no sin assigned by any human against another in the truth of Christ's Atonement. But there's no profit in this truth, either. Profit lies at the heart of religion. What persists at the core of modern 'Christianity', and religions in general, is a lack of faith in Creation, and a lack of understanding of our true nature due to Spiritual laziness.

Judge not, lest ye be Judged', 'Love thy neighbor as thyself', 'Do unto others, as you would have done unto you' , 'It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God' - Could there be any simpler living principles? Could there be more distance the void between Christ and modern Christians?

Discovery of the Runes

For 9 days and nights, Odin hung himself, pierced by his own sword, receiving no food or drink, on the world tree Yggdrasil. This self-sacrifice brought him the wisdom of the Oracle of the Runes, (along with other wonders). These magical glyphs passed down from Odin brought us much more than our modern English language.

Briefly - about me

The second idea to this site is at the core of its inception and design. The art of communication, and the understanding the tool brings. I want a global dialog from all who would participate - and create a depth of understanding derived from 'spiritual' participation and sharing. Anyone can offer their understanding from experiences - Through the Oracle of the Runes or otherwise.

I am dedicated Vitki to the Oracle of the Runes, and an ordained Christian Minister. I serve no congregation, (real 'Christian Ministers' shouldn't), but rather the questioning Souls I'm lucky enough to cross paths with along our Spirits' journey to become one with Creation. I am not an Oracle, nor I imagine any other person embedded here in the physical plane of our Multiverse. The Elder Futhark Runes are the Oracle, and I their loving Vitki.

Oracle for the Modern World

Oracles don't preach from ancient texts, or support 'religions' - they're vehicles of Universal communication, and support conversation with our Creator. As Vitki I enjoy a vibrant, hilarious, and deeply meaningful Universal conversation through the Oracle of the Runes, and I'm lucky enough to share the conversation with others wanting to reach out to Creation, and who are willing to listen back.

Though Runes are ancient, they are Universal. I've experienced the Runes as Universal energies. Runes describe these Universal energies, and how they can play out in our daily lives. All practicing Shaman understand these Universal energies, and most participate in the rituals of energy gathering, morphing, and sending to do a predetermined task. It is Universal truth that all things are energy, and can and will be morphed into something else. Most modern sciences are built on this understanding.

This site is devoted to Universal energies as described by this ancient Oracle, and how we can enjoy a richer, more Spiritual life by understanding how they effect and affect our days and nights here in the physical plane.

Now, with the power of constant Universal Communication at the center of my life, I've embraced a hand full of endeavors I happily work at every day. I'm still a dedicated Christian Minister, and certainly a loving Vitki to the Oracle of the Runes. I'm also focused on moving our global population away from the destructive chaos of our past failures and continued focus there. We are a planet of sentient beings. The dysfunctional beliefs forcing us to imagine lines on maps are actually borders of nations and cultures we are all prisoners of must end. Humanity must move itself to an honest global culture focused on uplifting community over the individual. A world without 'government', without 'poverty', without 'injustice', without the influence of 'religion'.

Lets be honest. The current configuration of our modern world only makes sense if you're one of the small groups of humans involved in 'Government', 'Wealth', or 'Religion'. All three groups must force the status quo, or their ability to control the mass population for self sustainment would erode, and they would loose all they imagine they have. Notice I use the word 'Imagine'. They imagine they control us, mainly because the mass population allows them this illusion. My life is now dedicated to raising awareness of these dysfunctional illusions, and freeing our planetary population from them.

'Speak as the Oracles of God...
that God in all things may be glorified'

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